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<p>Student's learn computer science skills with FUN themes including Minecraft, Roblox, Barbie & More!</p> <p>Your child will learn important computer skills to navigate through the digital age. Coding, typing, math, engineering, science, art throughout the week. </p> <p>Register by 12:00 p.m. to participate in a class on the same day otherwise a makeup class is given.</p> <p>Our ...
Establishing effective communication strategies with your child's teacher is a gift that keeps on giving. When you and your child's teacher are able to speak with each other openly and transparently, it makes it easier to reach out when you have questions or concerns.
BUDGET-FRIENDLY: courses start at $139! supportive, small-group experience. Kids have fun learning to code using a blended learning approach. We integrate screen-time activities with circuits, robots, autonomous cars, and augmented reality. Kids discover their potential with a comprehensive hands-on experience.
After School Club Links. Please print and fill out the form below and turn in to the Front Desk WITH any payment necessary. Registration for 4th Quarter Clubs runs from February 24th - March 4th. 4th Quarter clubs will start on March 22nd. Clubs are first come/first served - spots cannot be held without the form and payment turned in.
Nora Cronin Presentation Academy National Catholic . Schools Details: Nora Cronin Presentation Academy (NCPA) is a private, Catholic middle school, located in Newburgh, NY, exclusively serving girls from low-income families.NCPA's mission is to provide a path out of poverty through education and accomplishes this by promoting Gospel values with special emphasis on faith, hope, justice ...

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